Items are placed on a 90 day consignment. The consignor's net is 50% of all items sold, excluding furniture items priced over $150, which the consignor will receive 60%.

We look at items between 11am-5pm Tuesday-Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturday.
During this time, we ask that your items be limited to 50 pieces per visit.
If your items exceed this amount, please call for an appointment.

When bringing in clothing, please make sure your items have been:
  • purchased within the last 2-3 years
  • presorted to the appropriate season
  • freshly laundered or dry cleaned (if necessary)
  • folded in laundry totes or reusable bags - NO garbage bags or boxes will be accepted.

Please check your items carefully before bringing them in.
Acceptable clothing will be free from:
  • spots
  • rips
  • pulls
  • pilling
  • odors
  • pet dander

We DO NOT accept formal wear or suits and
we are VERY selective on dresses, skirts, and blazers.

Approximate Consignment Schedule:

Spring clothing: Mid Jan - March 31
Summer clothing: Mid Apr - July 1
Fall clothing: July 1 - Mid Oct
Winter clothing: Mid Oct - Mid Dec

** We accept seasonal décor, such as Halloween and Christmas,
2 months prior to the holiday **

When bringing in home décor, please make sure your items are:
  • clean & dusted
  • in working condition (i.e. batteries, light bulbs)

We require a picture of larger furniture items before accepting them on consignment.
The picture can be sent via email or shown in the store.

We are VERY selective on dinnerware, glassware, crystal, china, and linens.

Payouts are made upon request (we suggest checking on your account every 30 days)
  • Cash payouts are issued if the balance is $30 and under
  • Check payouts are issued if the balance is over $30

Outright Purchases:

We consider buyouts on pristine, junior-brand clothing and accessories that have been purchased within the last 12-18 months, in the appropriate season.
The customer is given 35% of the selling price - cash on the spot.